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Top-notch swim spas in Shillington, PA

When you combine a swimming pool and a hot tub, you get a swim spa. At 8-feet wide and 12 to 25-feet long, a swim spa can be heated and have therapy jets in them, as well as swim jets so people can swim against the current.


Gary sold his first swim spa in 1986, saying it was like "swimming up the river." In the last 6 years, the demand for swim spas has skyrocketed. Call us at 610-507-5044. You'll be glad to know that swim spas are easy to maintain too.

Swim spas rehabilitate you!

You can either opt for aboveground or inground installation. Swim spas have heat controls and can be covered. They are good for aquatic aerobics and relaxing hydrotherapy sessions.


Dipping in warm water is good for skin, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and for those ailing from hip replacement and knee replacement surgeries.

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Cost-effective swim spas for

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Pools can be used for 4 or 5 months generally, but swim spas can be used throughout the year. They are also beneficial for general health improvement and low-impact exercises.


Your cost of usage and maintenance will decrease for swim spa as compared to a larger pool.

"I have used Neversink Spas for several repairs and for water balancing. Not only are the products superior, but the service has been outstanding. I HIGHLY recommend Neversink Spas."


Carol Wise reviewed Neversink Spas/Hot Tubs & Pools.

- October 3, 2012

Perfect for indoors and outdoors

The swim spas at Neversink Swim Spas/Hot Tubs & Pools can be portable or inground and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can heat them up by gas, electric, solar, or a combination.


Swim spas are energy efficient, made of acrylic reinforced fiberglass, and are light but very strong. You can choose from top brands such as Hydropool, Passion, and PDC.


Watch this YouTube video on swim spas. (You may have to click past an ad.)

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